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Your hybrid vehicle is different

Attention Hybrid Vehicle Owners!

State of California Now Requires Smogs!

Hybrid Vehicles and Smog Checks in California

Which types of hybrids will be required to receive a Smog Check?

All hybrid vehicles will be subject to a Smog Check.

What is the Smog Ckeck procedure for a hybrid vehicle?

The Smog Check procedure for a hybrid is a visual inspection of emission control components and a scan of the vehicle's OBD II system.

Where should I take my hybrid vehicle for its smog?

The Hybrid Shop @ Rocha's Auto Service, your one-stop location for all of your hybrid vehicle needs!

Our Services Include:

Redding Auto Repair | battery

Battery Conditioning

The Hybrid Shop’s battery conditioning process restores battery performance up to 95% of original manufacturers’ specifications – and saves you money.

Redding Auto Repair | gauge

Maintenance and Repairs

The Hybrid Shop’s ASE Certified and Master Technicians are qualified to perform any service that your Domestic or Import car needs.

Customer Review

"We bought a 2006 Ford Escape hybrid new from a dealer in Ashland, OR. We took it in for servicing because the wrench light kept coming on and the air-conditioner wasn't working optimally. They told us the wrench light would not come on for them and everything checked out fine but that the air-conditioner needed $1,000 worth of repairs. We agreed to the repair of the AC and when we went to pick ...up the car they told us the employee who washed the car after servicing saw the wrench light go on, so they ran the codes and then told us we needed a new $9,000 hybrid battery! We were furious. We asked what our options were and we were told we had none, except to trade it in for a new car with which they would be more than happy to assist. We left the dealership and went on line to do some research and found Rocha's in Redding and after talking to Julio drove it there where he was able to diagnose the problem, finding it was not the battery but battery control modules. If our dealer had replaced the battery, our car would still have a problem, and one that Ford dealers are not equipped to diagnose. Julio saved us thousands of dollars. Not only that, his shop is staffed with friendly, caring people who are very professional."

What is The Hybrid Shop?

The Hybrid Shop (THS) offers hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) owners a unique, money saving, performance improvement and environmentally friendly solution for servicing and extending the life of their hybrid vehicle, regardless of the model. Our comprehensive, patent-pending and proprietary technology services and products are only available through authorized THS Dealer Partners. THS’ money saving and environmentally friendly alternative to hybrid battery replacement will improve fuel economy and performance while restoring up to 95% of the battery packs original power and energy. This is accomplished at approximately 1/3 the cost of battery pack replacement. That’s thousands of dollars in immediate savings and reduced vehicle operating costs; savings which continue to grow with enhanced fuel economy that you will see immediately upon service completion. THS delivers these benefits with the most sustainable and ecological solution available.

What is battery conditioning?

THS’ Battery Pack Conditioning is a patent-pending, science-based and technically validated service that reaps tangible cost savings, longevity, sustainability and performance benefits. In fact, Battery Pack Conditioning saves hybrid owners thousands of dollars compared to battery replacement. Depending on the state of the battery, up to a 35% increase in fuel economy can result immediately after the service is completed. Like a “fountain of youth” for hybrids, THS’ Battery Pack Conditioning can be repeated as necessary for as long as you own your hybrid, providing a battery that could outlive the car it powers. THS is the only hybrid repair outlet to provide Proven Test Results that show the hybrid owner exactly what the state of the battery is prior to Battery Pack Conditioning and exactly what improvements occur upon completion of the Battery Pack Conditioning service. This documentation is peace of mind for hybrid owners who can now rest assured that their vehicle is receiving honest and genuine quality care.
A breakthrough in environmentally friendly automotive care, THS’ Battery Pack Conditioning service addresses the concerns of environmentally conscientious hybrid owners. Unlike battery replacement, Battery Pack Conditioning is an environmentally friendly alternative in which no new resources are needed and nothing enters the waste stream. Additionally, THS’ Battery Pack Conditioning enhances the longevity and performance of the vehicle while providing significant cost-savings.

Hybrid Maintenance

  • High voltage battery conditioning
  • High voltage cable inspection and repair
  • Comprehensive State of Health High Voltage Diagnostics
  • Hybrid liquid cooling system flush
  • Transmission fluid flush
  • Inspection of seals, cooling system components, suspension, power train, wiring, and exhaust
  • Inspection of belts, hoses, wiring, throttle body, and fluid levels
  • Brake inspections and parking brake adjustments
  • Tire rotations and inspections
  • Hybrid oil changes
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